Imani and Alisa Sankofa

Our Sacred Union

The sacred union that is “Imani and Alisa” began not unlike many fairytales of love. Before they had a chance to meet in the physical realm, their souls had already crossed paths. You see, many, many years ago, when Alisa was feeling down emotionally, a friend of hers sent her an inspirational video to watch and hopefully help her feel better. The star of this video was, you guessed it, Imani. Alisa was so moved by the words of Imani that she kept the video for over five years. Little did she know that she was watching her soulmate.

Fast forward to October 2017. Both Imani and Alisa were looking to find mutual intimate love and it just so happened that was where they each started their search. Imani signed up for an extended plan based on the recommendation from a friend, and at about the same time, Alisa was busy revamping her profile and signing up for a short-term plan herself. Within a few days of joining the dating site, Imani came across Alisa’s profile and was immediately drawn to her. She clicked “like” on Alisa’s pictures and unknowingly set into motion their pre-destined meeting and consequently their sacred union. And by the way, that date was 10/10, we’ll address the significance of this date a little later. Alisa responded the next day, they spoke on the phone a couple days later, and their romance began. Within days Imani received a divine message that changed everything. The message was the exact words that Alisa’s used to describe the person that she had been searching for all along. Imani shared that Spirit had revealed to her that she was Alisa’s “forever girl”. Upon hearing this, Alisa knew that this was truly a divine message and that Imani was in fact her person and she began planning her move to relocate. At that time, Alisa was living in Atlanta and Imani was in Fort Lauderdale. Though it was a long distance relationship, they were both committed to making it work.

Imani and Alisa

In July 2018, Alisa joined Imani permanently in South FL. Over the couple of years that they have been together, Imani and Alisa have been to well over 200 places together, traveled extensively (both domestically and internationally), and have created so many amazing memories.

On New Year’s Day 2019, Imani proposed to Alisa and, of course she said Yes. They both are well aware that their relationship is truly destined and they will be celebrating their blessed sacred union with friends and family in Las Vegas on, you guessed it, 10/10 in 2020. Their unconditional love for each other is undeniable and their commitment is unshakable.

And, their story continues...




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